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Trainizi Won 1st Prize at 2023 ASEAN-Korea AI Youth FESTA

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Heath Nguyen

Co-founder & CGO

[Press Release] Vietnamese Startup Trainizi Triumphs as 1st-Place Winner at 2023 ASEAN-Korea AI Youth FESTA, Paving the Way for Deskless Workforce Empowerment

[Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – 11 September, 2023] – Trainizi, a dynamic Vietnamese startup at the forefront of microlearning innovation, proudly announces its groundbreaking achievement as the 1st-place winner of the 2023 ASEAN-Korea AI Youth FESTA. This prestigious event, organized by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of South Korea and supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea, took place in Jakarta, Indonesia from 5-6 September 2023, as a side event of the 2023 ASEAN Summit in commemoration of the 50-year diplomatic relationship between Indonesia and South Korea.

Source: Antara

Trainizi, representing youth-led Vietnamese startups building innovative AI solutions to tackle real-world problems, was proudly selected as the 1st-place winner among 180+ startups from 10 ASEAN countries, raising the Vietnamese flag in an international event of great diplomatic significance.

Trainizi's mission is to revolutionize the learning experience to erase the opportunity and psychological gap for different communities to thereby improve their quality of work and life, starting from the world's deskless and officeless workforce, a staggering community of 2.7 billion people, comprising 80% of the global workforce. These employees, despite their sheer numbers, are the beneficiaries of only 1% of global tech spending, leading to disengagement and a sense of disconnection from their work and organizations. Meanwhile, global enterprise spending on deskless technologies continues to skyrocket, with over 80% of enterprises increasing their investment on such technologies by 31%. Trainizi aims to tackle this monumental gap by developing an interactive microlearning mobile platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and gamification.

At the 2023 ASEAN-Korea AI Youth FESTA, Trainizi stood out as a beacon of innovation, representing not only Vietnam but also the broader ASEAN region's burgeoning startup scene. The event saw the participation of esteemed figures such as His Excellency the Minister of Science and ICT of South Korea and the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs of Indonesia. Trainizi's founding team were honored to receive the award from the two Ministers and engage in a panel dialogue with President Yoon Suk Yeol of the Republic of Korea. The discussions revolved around the future of youth and people development in the ASEAN region with the support of AI and other emerging technologies. President Yoon pledged to support innovative ideas from the youth of ASEAN and provide a lending hand in bringing them to the global market.

Source: Yohap News

Trainizi's solution garnered positive remarks from distinguished judges in the AI industry, acknowledging its creative and effective use of AI to generate widespread societal impact among deskless workforces in ASEAN. The judging panel has also noted: “The platform has not only achieved notable market traction after a few months of launching but also established a sustainable business model”.

Laura Phan, Founder & CEO of Trainizi, stated, "This recognition at the 2023 ASEAN-Korea AI Youth Festa is not a win for Trainizi, but for the billions of deskless workers worldwide who deserve better access to upskilling and career development. Technology is a powerful means to help us pursue our mission of revolutionizing the learning experience to erase the opportunity and psychological gap for different communities, especially disadvantaged communities. This award is an important milestone to help our business reach out to the regional and global markets with a sustainable business model that is well received by the market - as evaluated by the judges from prestigious corporations and startups in Asia."

In an era marked by the fourth industrial revolution, Trainizi envisions a world where all stakeholders collaborate to empower the deskless workforce, starting from the company's first market of the ASEAN region - with a deskless workforce of 250 million and a population of nearly 670 million people - at the epicenter of global economic growth.

Trainizi extends its gratitude to the Ministry of Science and ICT of South Korea, the organizer of the event - National Innovation Promotion Agency (NIPA) of South Korea, all 18 finalists from 10 ASEAN countries, and all partners and stakeholders for their unwavering support. Together, Trainizi and its collaborators are building a more sustainable and resilient future for ASEAN.

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Heath Nguyen

Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer




About Trainizi:

Founded in 2021, Trainizi is an interactive microlearning mobile platform designed to help organizations train, engage and retain their deskless and officeless workforce with 300% return on investment. We work with global clients in Hospitality, Manufacturing, Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Social Work, and beyond.

We are leveraging AI & Gamification to solve a problem for 80% of the global workforce who are deskless, which totals over 2.7 billion people.

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