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1-minute lesson
Interactive & mobile-driven
1-5 minutes per lesson
AI-assisted content creation
In-depth learning analytics & management
Job Opportunity
Job compatibility scoring
24/7 job counselling
Lifetime career support
Personalized job recommendations & learning paths

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How employers work with us

Create content
Create content
Upload source materials
Transform into interactive micro-courses
AI-assisted Multi-media & multi-format
Create content
Train & measure
Invite learners & create learning groups
Host live or assign self-paced lessons
Measure progress & outcomes
Commercialize your training content (coming soon)
Create content
Request to hire
Submit a hiring request
Undergo job qualifying process
Receive AI-recommended pool of candidates
Create content
Extended team support
Training program consultation & design
Training content creation
Integration, customization & white-labelling
Data analysis
Mina Chung, Founder & CEO
Mina Chung, Founder & CEO,
Financial Literacy Training MWM
"I have worked with many training platforms before, but Trainizi really gets us. It's rare to find that kind of genuine care in the industry, and I appreciate to call them a true partner."
Bernhard Schütz, Founder & CEO
Bernhard Schütz, Founder & CEO,
Private clinic chain @ Austria
"Our business truly scaled with the support from Trainizi. Training and recruiting nurses in 20+ locations seems easier now."
James Cooper, IELTS Lecturer
James Cooper, IELTS Lecturer,
Capital Education
"Integrating Trainizi into our LMS was quick and smooth. Now we have an advanced tool to assign homework, do live quizzes, and creating short courses for our students to learn at their own pace."

How employees benefit from us

Create content
100% transparency
100% verified employers
50% faster than traditional job searches
Create content
Personalized path
Personalized job recommendations
Personalized learning journey
Personalized career counseling
Create content
Effective learning
Micro-lessons last 1 minute each
Learn from mobile device
Interactive & social experience
Create content
24/7 career support
Work-readiness assessments
AI-assisted career guidance & support
Tran Phuong Anh,
Tran Phuong Anh,,
Registered Nurse @ Finland
"Moving to Finland has been life-changing. I have more time to take care of my family, and we are better off financially. The company supports us a lot as well."
Doan Hong Hanh,
Doan Hong Hanh,,
Former Staff @ Pate Deli
"Learning on Trainizi has been an addictive & effortless experience, and it helped me grow so much in my job."
Pham Tuan Dat,
Pham Tuan Dat,,
Studying Nurse, Austria-bound
"I've always wanted to go to Europe and work after graduation. It takes intensive preparation and learning, but the opportunity excites me every minute. With the help of a trusted platform, I can fulfill my dream in no time."


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