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On a journey to upskill & uplift the lives of underserved communities worldwide since 2021

Sharing the same aspiration to drive change for underserved communities worldwide through education, our founding team came together to start Trainizi, previously known as iZi.
Who We Are
Who We Are
Coming from a developing country in Southeast Asia, we witness first-hand the daily struggle of blue-collar & grey-collar workers, known collectively as deskless workers.
Our achievements
Our achievements
These workers - nurses, waiters, drivers, factory workers, farmers - they make up 80% of our global workforce, yet are often undertrained and disengaged.
Our achievements
Our achievements
We are committed to uplifting the lives of this community by bringing them a fun & interactive occupational learning experience on the mobile device, thereby upskilling, certifying, and propelling them to better job opportunities.
We start with the healthcare industry to tackle the gap of 13 million , nurses worldwide, as the world continues to get more populated and aged.

Working with educational partners and employers in English-speaking countries, we provide certified training programs for nurses in Southeast Asia to qualify them for job opportunities overseas.
Our achievements
Our achievements
As we continue to scale, we will be expanding to other industries & domains to cover all deskless occupations. We target to improve the lives of 1 billion workers by 2030, and continue to grow beyond.
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60+ community of youth including schools in rural areas


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From iZi for youth learning to Trainizi for adult training
10+ enterprise clients

🏆 Top 1 ASEAN-South Korea AI Youth FESTA

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🌏 The only company from Vietnam got invited by governments of Finland & South Korea for market entry program


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