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Brand-New Product Experience | 25 March 2024

Published date
Heath Nguyen

Co-founder & CGO

We are thrilled to announce a major update to our product experience. This update came as a result of extensive client interviews, desk research, and continuous testing over the past few months to bring our learners and trainers a smoother, faster, and overall more fun experience.

Trainizi might look completely different from what you are used to, but no worries! Our team is always here to help you navigate the brand-new product experience. 

First step: You can watch this 1-minute video summarizing the changes that have taken place and how to make the best use of all new features.

Here’s a recap of important changes:

Learning Experience

✨Learning on Trainizi is now just like browsing Instagram stories! You can swipe left and right to move between learning screens, which are now 100% vertical and fit into a single mobile screen. The progress tab at the top also lets you easily follow how far you are in the lesson. 

Other updates include:

  • The style and color theme has been updated to a more modern, mature, uplifting and neutral look, suitable for learners of all ages.
  • Learners can bookmark a learning screen of value to them for future viewing.
  • Learners can ask questions or interact with other learners and the trainer easily with our updated Q&A feature.
  • Learners can now get more information from dynamic “Learn More” pop-ups, embedded as hyperlinks into titles, descriptions, or anywhere suitable.
  • Learners can now select multiple answers in a multiple-choice quiz.
  • Learners can now take Assessments, with a timer and pass/fail conditions.
  • In-game Score is now removed to have the learner focused on learning, not chasing the highest score.
  • The sound system has been updated, and background music has been removed to minimize distractions while learning.

Content Creation

✨Our file-to-course AI is now available for a beta trial for interested clients. Our AI currently works best with long-form PDF files (e.g. handbooks, manuals, book chapters) and automatically converts them into microlearning lessons from 12-15 screens. Schedule a chat with us to book a trial demo and discuss how our AI can scale up your content efforts.

  • Trainers can issue branded certificates for every learner who completes an assessment. Learners can receive and save certificates to their mobile phone upon passing an assessment.
  • Trainers now create content in a vertical view to mirror exactly the learners’ view on their mobile devices.
  • Trainers now begin creating content from a course instead of a standalone lesson. A course can contain a single lesson or multiple lessons. Lessons are bite-sized and should not be longer than 1 minute.

Important Note: Your previously created content will be kept the same in Trainizi’s old format, and your learners will still be able to learn them in the way they are used to. We recommend you to update these content into the new learning format as soon as possible, as it will deliver a better experience for your learners.

Content & Learner Management

  • Trainers can now assign courses to either a group or individual learners. The assigned learners will receive a notification to their email.
  • Trainers can now share the URL of a course to their learners.
  • Trainers can now create learning groups more easily within a few clicks.

Data & Analytics

  • The analytics view has been simplified to key information that matters most for your training. For further detailed analytics, please contact us!

That’s all! As always, your feedback on the new release is highly appreciated!

We are here to help you do training better.

Happy training with Trainizi!

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